lifetime allowance

How can I avoid breaching the lifetime allowance?

The lifetime allowance, moreover the issue of exceeding it, promises to become a problem for an increasing number of individuals. On 6 April 2016 the lifetime […]
Transfer QROPS to SIPP

What happens to my QROPS when I return to the UK?

Returning to the UK with a QROPS? Since the introduction of QROPS in April 2006, billions of pounds worth of British pension funds have been transferred […]
Poor fund performance

Poor fund performance? Need a new Financial Adviser?

Are you the victim of poor fund performance? Is your investment portfolio continually falling to produce the returns you expected or were promised? Perhaps you have […]

RL360 PIMS: Pay Lower Fees On Your RL360 PIMS

The Royal London 360 PIMS is frequently recommended to clients for both lump sum savings and to hold the underlying assets within QROPS portfolios. We can […]