Good Retirement Planning

Whether you are just starting out or about to enter retirement, First Equitable can help ensure you are on the right path. You work hard to earn the money you have to invest, and our promise to you is that we will ensure that the money you invest continues to work hard for you.

Taking responsibility for your later years and the importance of effective retirement planning has perhaps never been more important. Statistics are becoming ever more concerning; guaranteed final salary schemes that once were the corporate employee’s automatic right are fast closing to new and even existing members, while state pensions are coming under increasing pressure as we deal with increased longevity and ageing populations. There seldom seems to be a week that passes where there is not some doom mongering headline concerning pensions in the financial press.

For many of us, we may need an investment income for 20 or 30 years when we reach retirement. To achieve this at a level of income that you have become accustomed to often requires accumulating a considerable fund of savings. The sooner you start the easier this will be to achieve; if left too late in life, it may result in a shortfall and the inability to maintain your lifestyle.

Of course it is also important to manage expectations and there will be a need to set goals that are realistic; not everybody can afford what it takes to achieve their individual objectives. We should also keep in mind that investments returns are not guaranteed and whilst steps can be taken to mitigate risks where possible, investment performance may still let you down.

At First Equitable we help you by assisting with the creation of a suitable retirement strategy. We help you to manage risk and navigate through both current and future legislation, ensuring you continue to invest in the most tax efficient manner achievable. Your dedicated Financial Adviser will be on hand throughout the journey, providing you with regular updates and performance reviews; our goal is to give you the best possible chance of meeting your objectives so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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